Monday, September 19, 2011

saturday was a big day for my friends nora and jeff. it was also a big day for me too, you see, i made nora's dress. we have been collaborating on this dress since april and to see it finally finished, worn and loved, well, it was a sweet reward for all the work. the dress was for such a special day and all of its components had a story and meaning. the bodice was cut from the fabric of her mother's wedding dress, the lace was collected by her great grandmother many years ago in her travels, the fabric of the skirt was new and beautiful ivory silk, frayed green silk strips from a thrift store blouse framed the neckline and waist.

this style of using bits and pieces was reflected in the ceremony and reception too. the ceremony borrowed from christian and taoist tradition, poetry and rock and roll lyrics. a brass band marched the couple and guests among the streets and parks of northwest portland, stopping here and there to break out in dance or wave at onlookers and firetrucks.

upon reaching the reception, we were welcomed with an eclectic selection of hats, wigs and scarves to wear while snacking on a delicious selection of cheese and meats, champagne flowed. guests were encouraged to contribute to a growing piece of art started by the bride. later we were treated to an elegant dinner in a mirrored dinning room filled with candles, hanging air plants, and cupcakes

i've never been to a more beautiful wedding, and i've been to a lot! it was so incredibly beautiful because of the people involved. nora and jeff were truly appreciative and inclusive to the community that brought them to this day and made it happen. i KNOW they will have a long and loving life together, congratulations!

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Tessa Zeng said...

You did such a gorgeous job! Loved reading the story about the process, too. Portland is wonderful..