Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i've added a new blog to that "inspiration" column over there on the right. kinfolk magazine is a beautiful publication that's about entertaining in a natural way. it's a feast for the eyes and soul; beautiful photography of nature and food enjoyed with friends. the post about foil packet dinners and baked apples cooked over a campfire makes me long for a winter camping trip. take a look, who couldn't use a feast this time of year

Sunday, December 4, 2011

i've had ideas in my head for some time about what my spring/summer 2012 collection would look like. over the last few weeks i've been sketching and staring at fabric swatches and sketching and staring some more

this week i was finally ready to begin patterning. but the mood had to be set with a pot of tea, candles, and a soundtrack; this american life and democracy now. my soundtrack usually has a beat i can dance to, but lately i've been feeling serious.

some patterning and two prototypes later, i'm pretty close to the cool slouchy trousers i had envisioned. wait until you see the real fabric - it is so beautiful!