Monday, January 9, 2012

i'll be offering a class on making a knit wrap dress this spring. here i made it in a vintage double knit. i feel a little like lucille ball when i put it on. the pleats on the bodice, cute little collar, and tie at the waist make it very flattering too. a solid fabric and no collar could transform this into a very sexy going out with your hot date dress. this class will be posted here soon along with many others.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

welcome 2012!

did you make a new year resolution? i don't usually make resolutions, but i take inventory and set goals for the new year. this year i joined the argon challenge, a challenge to forgo what you desire for one month. "Our well-being does not come from our favorite foods, drink, sex, drugs or the satisfaction of our habits and cravings.explore the relationship between our desires and our happiness. Start with the attainable and remember, it’s only for a month". theres some really disciplined and determined people out there giving up swearing, sex, alcohol, etc, im not so much, next year ill add more vices to my list. but i have challenged myself to give up refined sugar for the month of january. i backslid on the 1st and ate peanut butter cups - who can resist those? but have found it pretty easy since then with healthier options. let me know what you are starting or stopping in the new year

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

its been a month since i last posted about those cool slouchy trousers i was patterning, you know those? well here it is a month later and i'm still working on them. holidays aside, they've been a bitch. originally they were to have an elastic waist - who looks good in an elastic waist pant? yeah they're comfortable, but really?! my next brilliant idea was to give them a fly zipper. after 5 prototypes and a near tears i don't know anything, i'm just gonna give upmeltdown, i found this tutorial on fly zippers. now i'm laughing tears of joy, who knew it was so simple? i knew at one time, but ive avoided flys for so long i had forgotten. now if i can find a tutorial on grading thats just as easy, i may have these trousers on the store racks in time for spring.