Wednesday, January 4, 2012

its been a month since i last posted about those cool slouchy trousers i was patterning, you know those? well here it is a month later and i'm still working on them. holidays aside, they've been a bitch. originally they were to have an elastic waist - who looks good in an elastic waist pant? yeah they're comfortable, but really?! my next brilliant idea was to give them a fly zipper. after 5 prototypes and a near tears i don't know anything, i'm just gonna give upmeltdown, i found this tutorial on fly zippers. now i'm laughing tears of joy, who knew it was so simple? i knew at one time, but ive avoided flys for so long i had forgotten. now if i can find a tutorial on grading thats just as easy, i may have these trousers on the store racks in time for spring.

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sulu-design said...

Sorry to hear that it was a near-tears experience, but yay trousers! Looking forward to seeing them in person (and seeing you, too).