Friday, February 24, 2012

a beautiful day off
planning spring/summer sewing classes
running errands for estate
getting my car repaired (exciting for me, yay it still runs!)
a walk on the east side industrial area
a beautiful 100+ year old draping table at seek the unique

a delicious coffee indulgence at coava. interesting reading material one book on buddhism and the other on wicca kept me intertained while waiting for my car

this is the type of work table i'd love to have someday. the worn patina is SO beautiful, but its about 3 feet too short and narrow. the height of this table would be back breaking if you are over 5 feet tall, and i don't think fabric was made as wide as it is now. but perfect other than that

Thursday, February 23, 2012

i've been wanting to add more whole plant based foods to my diet, i tend to get in a rut of buying and eating the same few fruits and veggies. so i've recently become a member of organics to you. each week a bin of organic 'local as possible' fruits and vegetables are delivered to my home. i'm so excited to see what's in the box each week

this week a strange vegetable was in the box, what the hell is this? how do i cook and eat this gnarly root? i could have sworn they were baby mandrakes, but it doesn't screech and a quick search on the web told me they are sun chokes. fortunately i won't have to butcher a mandrake to make fried sun choke chips with rosemary salt yummy! with a veggie burger and a cold porter, i know its not exactly a whole food healthy meal, but good for a friday night, no?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a big thank you to all who turned out for the pdx collective sale, and an even bigger thank you to my friend susan for manning the booth all weekend. im so happy to see my things go to good homes. i was even happier to see my goal in sales reached in that i promised myself a new vacuum if that happened. a few months back i killed the old vacuum by sucking up a pair of panties. hey! its not that im messy, its just that my wood floors are black and its hard to see things once theyve fallen onto this "black hole". ive been geeking out on my new toy since monday. i never thought cleaning would give me such joy

Friday, February 10, 2012

listening to robert johnson this morning, i took a break to channel a little bit of cupid thru the sewing machine. the king of the delta blues was known to be a ladies man, but tragically died at 27 - a slow death by posion from a lovers jealous boyfriend. these bloomers are dediated to you robert, and happy valentines day to all lovers!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

have you been to the pdx colletive sale? i've been working in years past, but have heard it's a crazy throw your clothes off kind of sale. this year i have a small window of opportunity to check it out and also will have many pieces of estate for sale in the tumbleweed area. there will be lots of great estate pieces from seasons past at deeply discounted prices. i hope to see you there!

Friday, February 3, 2012

portland reminds me a lot of san francisco. the hills and architechture of this area of the city especially. i was lucky enough to have a day off and business to take care of downtown. the blue skys and sunshine had everyone in a happy mood. i took advantage of the day and put many miles on these legs