Saturday, March 31, 2012

the last day of the challenge, challenged me to come up with another way to wear the pocket skirt. the day started with a plan to hike and hit a hot spring, but turned into a day of dining and a visit to the portland art museum. its basically the same look all week - boots, leggings, skirt, tee and vest. this has me thinking i could use some accessories, like belts and an indoor type jacket to change up my look. warmer weather wouldn't hurt either.

mark rothko painting - the one i loved was owned by paul allen and was the only one that couldn't be photographed

the exhibit by john frame was pretty amazing. these tiny sculptures are so detailed and intricate and i find them to be a little macabre in a tim burton kind of way

Thursday, March 29, 2012

on wednesday i wore the denim pocket skirt again with a tunic and leggings. today will be a challenge, its my day off, blustery and i'm heading outdoors. i'll let you know tonight what i came up with...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

on day four i wore the grey cotton twill version of the pocket skirt. this is my favorite one. it's worn in, fits the best and is a little shorter than the previous two.

Monday, March 26, 2012

i realized i didn't explain very well what i'm doing here showing skirts each day. so if you didn't read the link to one week, one pattern, here's what's happening. for one week i'm wearing an article of clothing created from one pattern. it's a favorite pattern i created last year that has been made repeatedly using different fabrics and slight modifications.

so here's day 3 and another version of the pocket skirt, sans pockets. i paried it up with a charcoal sweater and leggings, a vintage ivory slip i let peek from the hem, which unfortunately doesn't show in the photograph, and oxblood colored clogs.

this skirt can be found here

sunday is the beginning of my work week. i dressed up a little more and paired the same denim pocket skirt with a short sleeve sweater, leather jacket (big score from a naked lady party) and boots with knee socks.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

i'm already behind on the one week, one pattern challenge! i put off photographing myself until i ran out of good light, blame it on the bloody mary! so here's the pocket skirt and hoody i wore on saturday, my day off. it was a beautiful sunny day here in portland, so a friend and i took off on foot for our favorite hangout for boozy brunch days. the outdoor garden space was the perfect remedy for a long week of winter weather blues. my legs got a little sun to the chagrin of everyone that had to see them.

Friday, March 23, 2012

i just ran across this blog, tilly and the buttons and fell in love with it. tilly has organized a fun project to participate in, one week, one pattern. this is just what i need to get out of my its still snowing in late march blues. starting saturday, march 24, for the next 7 days you'll see how one pattern can be styled differently for every day of the week. i'll be getting creative with my pocket skirt, stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i took a train ride up to seattle on monday for a fabric show. i love traveling by train - its relaxing, romantic, and this time filled with a number of interesting delays. on the way up the train was delayed by repairs to the track, a downed tree, and a malfunctioning intersection. although i arrived an hour late, the show was small and i had plenty of time to meet the vendors and look for fabric. i'm only interested in organic and sustainable fabrics, so with so few offering this, it was a quick look around. but i did find one vendor that i'm super excited about and am eagerly awaiting sample swatches

with a couple of hours to spare, i headed for my favorite part of the city, pike place market. it was pouring rain and bitter cold but the market was bustling with people. i even ran into someone i knew. after strolling and eating, strolling and sipping hot coffee, i made my way back to the train depot, but not before stopping off at a thrift store selling books for $2

the train ride back to portland moved along so fast, i was engrossed in my new book and even took a little nap. 1 mile before the station and half an hour ahead of schedule, the train came to a sudden stop, the train had just hit a car. it took two hours and half a bottle of wine before the car was removed from the front of the train. no one was hurt, the vehicle had been abandoned on the tracks, which apparently happens quite often. it turned into a late night but i was happy for a break from routine and still had a productive day

Thursday, March 1, 2012


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