Monday, April 30, 2012

i know having the right tools for the job make the job easier, but i had no idea how much i would love having the right tools. to start with, the bobbin saver - i had my bobbins in a drawer next to my sewing table, and it never failed, i dropped them constantly, bobbin rolling across the room with thread trailing. this cool little rubber ring holds them compactly with thread color showing.

from clover, beautiful bamboo handled tracing wheel and seam ripper. i was going thru tracing wheels like you wouldn't believe, so when i saw this one, the beautiful and sturdier design was more than i could pass up. unfortunately, the seam ripper has always been my best friend.  my old one was given to me by my mom when i was a kid, it was hers before that, yellow plastic handle, i'm sure its an antique. in college, my favorite teacher told me i needed a new one, but i've resisted, i was attached. that is until i saw this bamboo seam ripper, holy cow! i had no idea how dull my antique was! meet my new best friend.  

and finally the sweet luxury - a button hole cutter from bernina. how cute is that little block of wood?! my couture teacher in college had one of these, fitting isn't it? 

the next few items on my supply list are a little larger and pricier. i'll need a bigger space to accommodate the dress form and cutting table i'm in need of.  

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