Sunday, September 30, 2012

a fall look

just a couple of looks i find inspiring. i especially love the mixing of patterns and i'm a sucker for tweedy wool fabrics 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

have you heard about Stumptown Kilts? its a newish portland business that makes everyday kilts.  up until now they've been making only mens kilts, but just launched the women's and women's mini kilt. here i'm wearing the women's kilt, 17" length. i ended up with the black pinstripe and LOVE it! the waist is adjustable up to five sizes, its made to fit a womans curves, is super comfortable, and the quality is outstanding.  this will be really cute with tights and boots in the fall!  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

what?? how on earth did i forget to post pictures of the alley 33 fashion show?  why didn't you remind me? it goes to show how busy we've all been. photos by BethOlsonCreative

Alley 33 Fashion Show 2012

 Alley 33 Fashion Show 2012

 Alley 33 Fashion Show 2012

Alley 33 Fashion Show 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

i've been silent while settling into some recent changes. this is how i process.  but the changes have been exciting and i'm ready to share them.  the first is that i've taken a job with the local sewing production house spooltown. i work with a talented and creative group of people who each have something really cool and inspiring going on outside of work too. my days mostly consist of sewing, which i love, but there have been and will be future opportunities to do patterning, which i love in a really geeky way. most of my past experiences with math have been difficult, but i did well with geometry.  patterning reminds me a bit of this and its exciting to take exact measurements, follow precise directions on where to mark a line, and then just like magic, you have a pattern. Love It!!

my other news is that i'll be taking somewhat of a break from estate. this may not sound exciting, but i'm excited about it because i started estate without much of a plan in place.  i have grand ideas to take estate to grand levels, but to do that i need to take a step back and get some infrastructure underfoot. i have some great help to assist me where i lack the knowledge.  there may seem to be a lull happening, but i'll be working hard behind the scenes to get caught up on some important details.  so...with that, there won't be much of a fall or spring line, just a few pieces.

"stick with me baby, things are 'bout to get interesting right about now" bob dylan