Tuesday, January 29, 2013

sweat shop clothing

a friend recently asked me if i thought of the people across the world working in sweat shops as i worked, the answer was yes. today as i heard just a brief news story of yet another fire in a clothing factory in bangladesh, those women, men and children were in the forefront of my mind. i've worked what i thought were pretty bad jobs, and had some awful employers, but i've never felt my safety was at risk and have never been locked in the building.

talking with a woman about a local boutique, she said to me i should sell my dresses there, and i could sell them for much cheaper than the dresses in the store. it gave me a great opportunity to explain to her why those american made clothes were more expensive than what you find in chain stores, and that my dresses would not be cheaper, in fact more expensive if i truly paid myself a living wage and didn't try to compete with the bigger labels.

i think as a society we need to take a mindful look at how we consume and at what cost? this weekend we lost seven beautiful women to a factory fire all in the name of cheap clothing. my heart and body pays tribute to them as i sew in a safe, clean well-lit environment

A crowd watches as firefighters and volunteers attempt to extinguish a blaze at a garment factory in Dhaka on Saturday.
photo from cnn.com

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