Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anna Karenina Costumes

ok, i think i have a slight obsession with anna karenina, ive been listening to the book as i sew too. i found these sketches that relate to the costumes, they're all so beautiful and i wanted to share them. this is an aspect of apparel design that isn't seen often. in my process i start with a swatch of fabric, it has spoken to me, i love it in some way i may not yet understand. i look  at it and touch it and ask of it, "what are you? who are you meant to be?" it answers me in my sketches. i'm not that adept at sketching, i can make it presentable if i have time, and maybe i'll share them here someday, but for me the process is about drawing out what is hidden in that swatch. i think in pictures more than words (which is another reason i started this blog, to practice using my words!)but in sketching, i can record my thoughts and ideas wordlessly, they may not be this pretty, but i know what they mean

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