Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fabric show

a trip to seattle for a fabric show. blue skies and sunshine greeted me in pike place market, a big difference from last year.

the show was disappointingly small, half of it was quilting fabric, hey local people, wouldn't you like to get fabric closer to home? one of the reps told me the best show for smaller manufacturers is in new york twice a year, oh darn, i'll have to go back to new york! see you in august! although it was small, my usual organic fabric supplier was there with new fabrics, and i found a new rep with really beautiful fabrics from italy and france.  

i also met a portland designer that i really admire. i felt a little stalkerish as i fumbled an introduction. it seems  intrusive to know so much about people only from reading their blog. but she was gracious and open, as i had imagined.

a lot of walking, sunshine and fabric made for a beautiful day in seattle, a much needed change of scenery. 

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