Monday, May 13, 2013


my mom once told me she thought she thought she was born to gypsies, she had a wanderlust.  when the counterculture and social revolution came around, she was married and starting a family. now in her retirement, she's finally getting to stretch out of her conventional life, just a little bit. i'll get her to burning man one of these years. this is one of my favorite photos, i laugh out loud everytime i see it. here's her a few years back in quartsite when she and my dad began trekking down to arizona for the winters.  oh, and that's not my dad.  i'll find one of those photos of him in the elvis pants. father's day is coming soon! what would they think if they knew i'm blasting the world with embarrassing photos?!

i have my mom to thank for my wanderlust, i swear i inherited it, i felt it as a young child.  i'm also so grateful for the patient sewing lessons that led me down this path. so what to do with the energy to move and the patience to stay put and see something thru? its a constant battle i tell you. but in really listening to my heart, i find there is no other choice but to do it all, but more on that later.  

thank you mom for gifting me my work, being my friend, making me laugh, and inspiring me, i love you, and you're getting a tattoo next!


sulu-design said...

Pure awesome. Happy Mother's Day to your rockin' mom, and to you!

Estate said...

Thanks Susie!