Monday, June 17, 2013

a summer feast of the senses


the weekend was spent in great company of friends and animals. the road took me southeast of portland to a beautiful setting among farms and vineyards.  the fresh smell of grass, the warm sun on my skin, the epic landscape, the call of owls at sunrise, and abundant fresh produce was a feast of all my senses. a reset and reminder to all i love about life. thank you, thank you, thank you

artist Kristin Longbill of Moontea Studios is so lucky to live on this lusious land. she hand prints by either using her century old printing press or silk screens onto fabric in her studio among the cats and llamas. her work is beautiful! check it out at

gracious hospitality, a stunning setting, great food and drinks, and good company left me energized, grateful, and ready to start the week. happy monday folks, make the most of every moment and find even the smallest joys in all you do  


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